Thursday, July 31, 2008

more more and more

Johnny D (left) and David Hall (right) on one of the bigger sets to roll in during the comp

Stiffy ripping along the face at Waipu Cove during the Comp (above)

The grommies set out for thier heat

Steve T freesurfing king just out from the bluff at the Cove (above)

Stiffy tries out the toastrider option

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Pics from Noeline

CJ snags another set peeler

Dave Hall grabs his scallop and heads for shore!

Dear Presidente: Please be gentle. It's an Electroglide. No need to be such a ruff bugger.

Keg's surfing says more than he does!

Simon slashing his way to the open final


Free surfing at the top end of the competition area, Simon

(above) Tessa's leggie snaps in her first heat but Dad (CJ) comes to the rescue (below)

(above) the DENT comes in from a screamer

Robyn(above) - with a keen eye on winning her trophy

Sean McCully on his way to claiming the under 18 trophy - Moves like this got him a special mention at the prize giving

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and the winner is !


Mid Winter Surfing Festival at Waipu Cove 27th July 2008

Under 14 Boys 3rd Andrew McNamara
Under 14 Boys 2nd Marco Rodrigue
Under 14 Boys 1st Matt Jensen
Under 14 Girls 1st Haylee Jensen
Under 18 Boys 2nd Kyle Taylor
Under 18 Boys 1st Sean McCully
Under 18 Girls 1st Tessa Hall
Over 40s Mens 4th John Sutcliffe
Over 40s Mens 3rd Kevin Stiffe
Over 40s Mens 2nd Wayne Jensen
Over 40s Mens 1st Roger King
Over 40s Womens 2nd Maggie Blackshaw
Over 40s Womens 1st Marie Christien Kleintjes
Over 50s Mens 4th Richard Raines
Over 50s Mens 3rd Steve Teague
Over 50s Mens 2nd Laurie Langridge
Over 50s Mens 1st Chris Hall
Over 50s Womens 1st Robin Cox
Over 60s Mens 1st Richard Langmuir
Open Womens 4th Marie Christien Kleintjes
Open Womens 3rd Robin Cox
Open Womens 2nd Maggie Blackshaw
Open Womens 1st Tessa Hall
Open Mens 4th Kevin Stiffe
Open Mens 3rd Grant Kilmore
Open Mens 2nd Simon Egginton
Open Mens 1st Chris Hall

cross steps, hang 5s and more

Wayne J crosses to the nose

(above) The boys head out for a heat

Simon freesurfing, gets a super nice hang 5 (above)

Lozza (above) sets up for the bottom turn

Steve T cranks out the bottom turn from hell (above)

Lozza (above), look out i'm coming through !!

Monday, July 28, 2008

BBS Winter comp

photos (above and below) from JEN (cheers jen you rock) of the Groms warming up and the Grom Team all set to destroy some Waipu Cove sets

(above) Tessa 'Coco' Hall sliding into a mean and clean right hander

Wayne Jensen getting his fair share of TIP time

Steve T freesurfing down the line at the COVE ! ye ha !

BBSers Winter Comp

Lozza cranking (above)

go the groms (above), it was a gromfest as well !

CJ fights the offshore, CJ won (above)

Steve T shows his flair, nice mate nice (above)

the ladies shine, Robyn Cox (above)

Lozza ripping under the lip (above)

JD on fire (above)

BBS (Bream Bay Speedsters)

CJ on fire out the back !, CJ was ripping it up (above)

Stiffy (above) making it look so easy

Steve (above) fires down the line

another one of those Hall cats, Jason (above)

King Neptune (above) goes right at some serious pace during the Bream Bay Sliders Winter Surfing Festival 2008 at Waipu Cove.


Wayne J gets eaten (above)

Great to see the groms having a good time ! (above)

We still fall off every now and again !


Nice gummies mate !

A big thanks to those who helped out behind the scenes at our Third Annual Bream Bay Sliders Winter Surfing Festival 2008, You guys rock !

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The presiDENT was stoked to see the great conditions at the Cove for the Third Annual Bream Bay Sliders Winter Surfing Festival 2008, go Grant go !, Micro