Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lozza's summer 1965-66

Raglan (when you had to jump the fence and walk a hundred yards to the beach - and you surfed with no legropes)

Cape Reinga

Playing around somewhere


Murray Jack, Paddy Kelly, Max Atkins and Laurie Langridge

Wanganui - this is still there (me on the left)


First Northland surf comp at Waipu in 1966 (my Morris Minor in the pic)

Shippies (before the road was put around the rocks)
These awesome pics were sent to me from Laurie 'Lozza' Langridge and I just had to share them with the BBS crew, They are fantastic images, They make me want to go on a surf trip every time I look at them, MICRO*, Thanks Laurie, Wicked pics mate !


PaisleyJade said...

Great pics... my Dad rocks!

micro said...

yes he does !, Micro*