Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hi all, Only a week and a half to the MID WINTER FESTIVAL OF SURFING – our annual treat!!!!
FIRST: if you haven’t done it yet, make sure you fill your entry form. It’s a great opportunity to test your surfing, get the adrenaline going, do the extra bit to win the heat and have fun in the water in the middle of winter! Our Judges, Roger and Brendan do a very serious and professional job. However, independently of that, it’s a lot of fun to be part of it! To enter, make sure you are a BBS member for 2009, fill the form and pay the entry fee by next 12th of July.
Where are the forms? You can pop in at Surfline and fill one there, you can also email us to let us know giving us your name and division you want to enter and post a Cheque payable to the Bream Bay Sliders (post address: PO Box 64 – 0151 – Ruakaka).
The Contest is open only to BBS members. You must be a member to enter! There are a lot of work involved in organising it and we do it for the Club!
SECOND: The Contest fee is $50 for one Division and additional $25 for a second division.
The divisions are: Under 14 / Under 18 / Open / Over 40 / Over 50 / Over 60 - Men and Women. The trophies have been on the go for 3 years already. Your name can be on one of them!!! (or more!).
THIRD: the registration fee includes the commemorative T Shirt and the entry to the PRIZE AWARDS NIGHT (see below number five).
FOUR: What does happen on the day? The 1st HEAT Hits the water at 8.30 a.m. SHARP.
We do have our normal BBQ Lunch, so please bring a plate as usual. Previous years we got a few extra yummy things that some BBSs prepared specially for the day!!! mmmm.
FIVE: PRIZE AWARDS NIGHT: every year the Pizza Barn put together a great night for us. They provide food and drinks. We would like to remind you that if you would like to bring along a family member or close friend that it’s not a BBS member, they are more than welcome to share that special night with us but they will need to by their own food and drinks. The Pizza Barn food and drinks are for BBS members only.
Just in case you are not sure, by “a Member” we refer to standard membership (a surfer!) and social members (all the rest who share our passion with us!).
The Standard Membership is $ 50 per Annam and includes a BBS T-shirt (this year Maggie is the girl on the BBS T-shirt print!!). The Social Membership is $ 25 per Annam and includes a BBS T-shirt as well. Kids under 10 years old are free and those older ones, still at School are $ 25 per Annam (including T-shirt). Well, I think this is all (a loooooooong message). If you have any question, please let us know. Remember, it’s a great day, full of fun, waves, spot prizes and our beautiful Waipu Cove Beach has turned on the surf 3 years in a row!
Fun to watch, fun to be in the water and fun just to be part of it…
See you all there.

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