Friday, January 21, 2011

lozza gets the 60's division !

Whangarei's Laurie Langridge's patience and persistence has paid dividends - and just in time for Christmas. The 62-year-old long boarder has been trying to get an over-60s division as part of the Hyundai Pro-Longboard Tour up and running for three years now. Finally Surfing New Zealand have come to the party and are making it happen. They have included the class in the 2011 tour, which kicks off at Piha Beach on January 8-9. ``We're just wrapped...we had all the clubs from around the place petitioning to get the division and they finally said we could have one,'' Langridge said. At previous tours, over-60 surfers had been competing in the next division down, the over-50s. ``But there are a lot of guys who are 60 plus and are still reasonably fit and love their surfing...we can't compete with those young 50-year-olds,'' he said. Most major competitions in Australia and abroad have over-60, over-65 and even over-75 divisions...New Zealand is finally catching up. There is a 12-contestant limit for the division at each event, and the Waipu Longboarding Club and Bream Bay Sliders member said those spots will fill up in no time, with entrants around the country claiming them. However, we have enough locals in town to fill the division easily, Langridge said. There are five events in the tour, and Langridge will most likely choose events close to home. Airlines will not take his 10 foot 3 longboard and event two is in Dunedin, so driving would be too costly. ``The Sandy Bay event is the best anyway - so I am just hanging out for that...we're just so wrapped,'' he said. Event three of the Hyundai Pro-Longboard Tour takes place at Sandy Bay on February 4-6. Story supplied by The Northern Advocate's Sports Reporter Michelle Curran.


PaisleyJade said...

Lozza just wants everyone to know that the Over 60's division is a Sandy Bay event only this year and who knows next year (depending on how it goes) what Surfind NZ will do. If the event is full and goes well, maybe it will be included in all areas next year... maybe?

Mike C said...

you got to be in to win, support lozza by entering, a lot of hard work has gone into getting this division, i would enter if i was 'that old' ha, good work lozza, mike c