Saturday, May 29, 2010

S.E.W.N movie night

S.E.W.N Surf Movie preview last night at the Pizza Barn in Waipu WENT OFF!, What a great time was has by one and all, Nic and Kirsten showcased some of the footage from their upcoming Surf Movie S.E.W.N (South, East, West and North), The BBS crew where all there to enjoy the clips featuring Roger Hall, Trent Lillis, James Tanner and many more, Nic and Kirsten have been in the North for the last 4 weeks shooting in and out of the water including spending time at the Surfline Custom Surfboards factory documenting Roger and the Cabbage tree timber Gun build and even helped to rescue a stranded Orca on Ruakaka beach earlier this week, What a wild trip, Good luck to them with the rest of the project, Super nice people, It has been a real pleasure working with them and documenting their visit to Northland, Micro*, PS big thanks to Clayton and the crew at the Pizza Barn Waipu for the bottomless bowls of fries, wedges and garlic pizzas !

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